Metal Roofing

Accurate Roofing provides exceptional installation of metal roofing in the Dartmouth area. Metal roofing provides a clean and elegant look for any style of home. Metal roofing comes with a higher cost up front than traditional asphalt roofing, however, when considering their unmatched durability and long lifespan, metal roofs have proven to be a more cost-effective solution over time for your home. Since metal roofing is virtually maintenance free and energy efficient, it can pay for itself even faster.

Metal roofing has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years because it is maintenance-free, energy efficient, lightweight, durable, and fireproof. It comes in a vast selection of colours, profiles, and textures to suit the architecture of your home or business, and can mimic the look of clay tiles, slate, wood shakes, or shingles. Metal roofing is also available in a more commercial or industrial look in standing seam, vertical panel, and corrugated styles. Metal roofing has a life expectancy of over 50 years and comes with a fully transferable lifetime warranty. Houses with metal roofing may also receive a discount on their homeowner's insurance.

Accurate Roofing also provides commercial metal roofing refurbishment services in Dartmouth and the surrounding region. During the refurbishment process, special durable, hi-tec roof coatings are applied to faded, worn, and even rusting metal roofing for repair, and restoration, leaving your metal roofing looking and performing like new again.

Shield your home or building from the elements with high quality metal roofing that resists wind, hail, heavy snow loads, fire, insects, mold, rot, warping, and fading, and can help prevent ice dams. Get started today with metal roofing that will last you a lifetime. Contact Accurate Roofing today for a free quote for metal roofing in Dartmouth, Halifax, Kentville, Windsor, Bridgewater, Lower Sackville, and Truro and the surrounding communities.

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